Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (2023)

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (1)

Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda & Egg Sandwich at Costco

Costco sells Grace Gourmet’s Bacon Gouda & Egg Breakfast Sandwich for $12.99. Each box contains 8 sandwiches that include a soft ciabatta roll, a cage-free egg, gouda cheese, and bacon.

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (2)

The sandwiches can be found in Costco’s frozen food aisles with the breakfast options such asbreakfast sausagesor other breakfast sandwiches likeRed’s Keto Breakfast Sandwichand theJimmy Dean Croissan’wich.

Grace Gourmet's Purpose

Grace Gourmet focuses on not just providing good eats, but also on doing good deeds. Grace Gourmet is a small company that wants to make a big impact on the lives of women.

A majority of their profit supports organizations that address issues from human trafficking and domestic abuse to female entrepreneurship and education.

Grace Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich vs Starbucks

This review has been heavily requested as many Costco members consider this to be a clone of Starbucks’ own Bacon, Gouda, Egg sandwich.

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (3)

In this review, I’ll go in depth on Grace Gourmet’s version of the sandwich and even compare it toStarbucks’ version.

Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Sandwich Costco Cost Comparison

Costco Cost Analysis of Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich

Each Grace Gourmet Bacon, Gouda, & Egg sandwich costs $1.62 at Costco and weighs 3.7 ounces.

Starbucks’ version of the sandwich costs $4.45 and weighs 4.2 ounces.

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (4)

Same Size - Big Savings

Grace Gourmet’s breakfast sandwich is going to be roughly 35% of the cost of Starbucks while weighing at worst half an ounce less.

The one sandwich I did weigh, weighed 4.25 ounces which is the same as Starbucks’ breakfast sandwich.

Costco Breakfast Sandwich - First Impressions

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (5)

At first glance, the sandwich looks good, but unlikely to surpass or even come close to Starbucks’ version.

Does the Starbucks Copycat Sandwich have Potential?

The frozen ciabatta bun looks ok. From the looks of it, the bun seems like a wildcard to me.

The dough seems to have the potential to either be soft and fluffy or hard as a rock.

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (6)

I have a feeling if cooked perfectly, the bread has a lot of potential to taste extremely good, but if overcooked the bun will harden up very quickly.

The egg is a perfectly blended yellow and about 2 inches in diameter.

The cheese fits the sandwich well, but I would prefer it to be just a touch thicker.

The bacon is going to be the lowest quality ingredient of the sandwich. The thinness reminds me of a fast-food value menu bacon. It’s considerably less thick than a typical bacon slice you can purchase from Costco.

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (7)

My particular sandwich weighed 4.25oz which is about half an ounce heavier than advertised. Very nice!

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (8)
Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (9)
Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (10)
Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (11)



Weight Breakdown
Bacon – 0.2 ounces
Cheese – 0.45 ounces
Egg – 1.55 ounces
Ciabatta Roll – 2 ounces.

Where Is The Bacon?

The 0.2 ounces of bacon is the most disappointing part of the sandwich. At Costco bacon sells for about $4.25 per pound. Each ounce of Costco bacon costs $0.26.

Pennies Worth of Bacon

This sandwich provides one-fifth of an ounce of bacon which breaks down to about $0.05 worth. And that is if we are taking the Costco retail price for bacon.

Grace Gourmet’s bacon is clearly lower quality and will be at a wholesale price. I wouldn’t be surprised if this bacon cost Grace Gourmet $0.03 or most likely even less.

Another Starbucks Copycat breakfast item available at Costco is going to beThree Bridges Egg Bites.

Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich Taste Test

For this review, I opted for both the microwave and air fryer methods of heating.

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (12)

I usually will avoid microwaving any of Costco’s frozen foods, but I am curious to see how the bread comes out with both heating methods.

Differences Between Microwaving and Air Frying the Breakfast Sandwich

The major difference between the microwaved sandwich and the air fried version is the bread. The bread came out crispy and crunchy in the air fryer while soft and doughy in the microwave.

Ciabatta bread is supposed to be crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, but neither heating option was able to achieve that. The air fried bun was crispy all the way through, and the microwaved bun was soft.

Great Gouda

My favorite part of the Grace Gourmet sandwich was the gouda. The gouda was very flavorful and brought a distinct flavor profile to the breakfast sandwich.

Most other frozen breakfast sandwiches will have the same old mundane American or cheddar cheese, so the gouda was a nice touch.

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (13)

The bacon made a minimal impact on this sandwich. You get a hint of bacon, but the sandwich definitely could have used more bacon flavor.

The egg was also just ok. I thought it tasted heavily processed and even a little rubbery. It was what I expected with a frozen egg.

Overall, I wouldn’t mind having this sandwich with acup ofcoffeein the morning. The sandwich was not great, but good enough.

SAndwich Comparison - Starbucks vs Grace Gourmet

The reason these have so much hype is because Starbucks also sells a bacon, gouda, and egg breakfast sandwich.

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (14)

Starbucks sells their sandwich $4.45, so if Grace Gourmet’s $1.62 breakfast sandwich is close in taste and texture, then there is some significant value to be had here.

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (15)

It may be hard to tell from an overhead view, but the Starbucks sandwich is the one on the top of each photo.

The Grace Gourmet sandwiches look very similar and actually look in comparison better than I thought they would.

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (16)

Starbucks (left) and Grace Gourmet (right).

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (17)

Very Similiar Sandwiches

Based on size, they are roughly the same. Starbucks’ sandwich weighs 4.2 ounces while Grace Gourmet’s weighs 4.25 ounces.

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (18)

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (19)

Who Makes the Better Bacon Gouda Egg Breakfast Sandwich? Starbucks or Grace Gourmet?

For taste, I much preferred Starbucks’ sandwich all around.

The bacon was more present and noticeable in the sandwich, the gouda had a much stronger flavor, and the egg had a much creamier texture.

My wife, who is a huge Starbucks fan and partial owner of the company, actually preferred the Costco breakfast sandwich. She was drawn to the crunchiness of the bread and enjoyed it much more.

There is a lot of value to be had with Grace Gourmet’s bacon, gouda, & egg sandwich. Starbucks’ version is 3 times the cost, but not 3 times better tasting.

Costco - Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich - Breakfast

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (20)

Product Name: Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich

Product Description:
Price: $12.99
Quantity: 8 Count
Location Within Costco: Frozen Food Aisles
Price Per Sandwich: $1.62


Many Costco members like to call this sandwich a Starbucks replacement. If you compare this sandwich to Starbucks’ version then it provides exceptional value and is a great sandwich. Just as a breakfast sandwich on its own, it’s ok.

There is very little bacon, and there are multiple steps to properly heating the bacon, gouda, egg sandwich. You may not be disappointed, but you also won’t be wowed.




  • Value - 8/10


  • Convenience - 4/10


  • Taste - 7/10


  • Nutrition - 8/10


  • CFDB Score - 6/10



  • Fairly Priced
  • Good Gouda
  • Suitable Starbucks sandwich alternative


  • Not convenient to make
  • Very little bacon
  • Review Methodology

Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda Heating/Cooking Instructions

Before we get into the heating directions, I need to mention my biggest complaint with these breakfast sandwiches.

When I think ofbreakfast food, I need convenience. I want a sandwich that is ready in 5 minutes or less, with as little effort as possible.

Each Cooking Method Has More Than 1 Step

These do have a microwave option that only takes a few minutes, but it does involve separating the sandwich and then reassembling for the final heating stage.

The air fryer option also requires heating the egg first and then adding the rest of the sandwich. I don’t want to have to keep track of all these things, when I’m in a hurry in the morning.

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (21)

How to Heat the Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich (Full Cooking Instructions)

Grace Gourmet lists two options, microwaving or air frying, for heating their breakfast sandwich.

They do recommend thawing the sandwich overnight in the refrigerator for optimal results.

Microwave Cooking Instructions

From thawed: Heat for 45 seconds on high.
From frozen: Heat egg, bacon, and cheese for 45-50 seconds. Add bun and heat for an additional 30 seconds.

Air Fryer Heating Instructions

From thawed: Heat at 350° F. Heat egg for 6 minutes. Add bun, bacon and cheese and heat for an additional 4 minutes.
From frozen: Heat at 350° F. Heat egg for 9 minutes, add bacon, cheese, and bun, and heat for an additional 5 minutes.

Grace Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich Nutritional Infomration

Costco Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Grace Gourmet (22)

How many Calories in the Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda Egg Sandwich?

Each Grace Gourmet Bacon Gouda & Egg Sandwich contains 290 calories with 13g of fat, 26g of carbs, and 15g of protein.

This is pretty close to what I expected to see on a nutritional label for a food like this.

Solid Nutritional Profile

There is an acceptable amount of fat at 13g, that will help keep you full until your next meal, and there is also a very solid amount of protein at 15g.

The egg, bacon, and cheese, will all contribute some protein to this sandwich, but I am surprised that there are 15 total grams.

Heavy in Sodium

The main negative is going to be the sodium content. This sandwich contains 620 mg of sodium, which is 27% of your recommended daily value.

This is more than you would like to see, but pretty typical for frozen foods from Costco.

Final Thoughts

This is a solid frozen breakfast sandwich. If you enjoy Starbucks’ version, then you may also enjoy these at one third of the cost.

They can be a pain to heat in the morning, but will fill you up and keep you full. They may not be the best of Costco’s frozen breakfast foods, but a decent sandwich nonetheless.


How to cook bacon gouda egg sandwich from costco? ›

From thawed: Heat for 45 seconds on high. From frozen: Heat egg, bacon, and cheese for 45-50 seconds. Add bun and heat for an additional 30 seconds.

How to cook Costco frozen breakfast sandwich? ›

From Frozen:
  1. Remove from wrapper. Wrap in paper towel.
  2. Microwave on defrost (30% power) for 1 minute 30 seconds or until thawed.
  3. Turn sandwich over, microwave on HIGH for 50 seconds or until hot. ...
  4. Let stand in microwave for 1 minute before serving.

How do you reheat a Costco breakfast sandwich? ›

Heating Instructions From Frozen
  1. Remove the sandwich from the plastic wrapper.
  2. Wrap the sandwich in a paper towel.
  3. Defrost the sandwich for 90 seconds by heating in your microwave at 30% Power.
  4. Heat the sandwich on in your microwave on High for 50 seconds.
  5. Lets stand for one minute before eating.

What is the best selling breakfast sandwich? ›

Top 50 Scanned: Breakfast Sandwich beta
#1English Muffin, Turkey Sausage Egg White & Cheese Jimmy Dean1 sandwich
#2Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich - Sausage, Egg, Cheese Kellogg's Special K1 sandwich
#3Chicken Ranch Club Flatbread Melt Lean Cuisine1 package
#4Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly Sandwich Smucker's1 sandwich
46 more rows

How long to put a breakfast sandwich in the oven? ›

To reheat frozen breakfast sandwiches in the oven, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Wrap a sandwich in aluminum foil and bake for about 30 minutes until hot all the way through.

How long do you microwave a bacon egg and cheese croissant? ›

Enjoy! From Refrigerated: 1: Prepare: Remove wrapper. Wrap in paper towel. 2: Heat: Microwave on high 45 seconds or until hot.

How do you heat up pre made breakfast sandwich? ›

Remove paper and wrap sandwich in a paper towel. Microwave for 40 seconds - 1 minute on defrost (or 50% power). Flip the sandwich over and microwave for 10-30 seconds on high power, until warmed through. You can also reheat the sandwiches in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes, or in the toaster oven.

Can you put breakfast sandwiches in the air fryer? ›

Air fry the breakfast sandwich: Place the bread cut side up in the air fryer basket alongside the egg with cheese, and meat. Air fry for 6-8 minutes or until the meat and egg is warmed through and the bread is toasted. If you have separated your cheese, add it in the last 60 seconds of cooking time.

How long do you microwave breakfast sandwich? ›

Wrap each sandwich in a wet paper towel, and then wrap in a small piece of parchment paper. Microwave on HIGH 2 1/2 to 3 minutes, or until heated through; unwrap and enjoy.

What is the number 1 breakfast in America? ›

Bacon. Did you guess correctly? Bacon is crowned America's favorite breakfast food!

What is the tastiest sandwich in the world? ›

Our Favorite Sandwiches Around the World
  1. Smoked Meat Sandwich (Canada) At restaurants like Schwartz's in Montreal, Smoked Meat Sandwiches are more than big enough to share. ...
  2. Banh Mi (Vietnam) ...
  3. Bifana (Portugal) ...
  4. Katsu Sando (Japan) ...
  5. Fischbrötchen (Germany) ...
  6. Trapizzino (Italy) ...
  7. Acarajé (Brazil) ...
  8. Jianbing (China)
21 Nov 2020

How do you keep frozen breakfast sandwiches from getting soggy? ›

Reheat on a paper towel: When you're heating a frozen Freezer Breakfast Sandwich in the microwave, ice crystals will melt and can be absorbed by the bread making it soggy. To avoid this, wrap it in a paper towel first before microwaving it.

Can I put a frozen breakfast sandwich in the air fryer? ›

Air Fryer frozen breakfast sandwiches are amazing to reheat in air fryer! They turn out really wonderful with a crispy outside texture to the cooked interior and melts cheese. Air fried frozen breakfast pastries are a great way to get your morning started.

How do I cook a frozen breakfast sandwich without a microwave? ›

Option 3: From frozen, place foil-wrapped sandwiches in 350° F oven for about 30 minutes or until warmed through.

Is it cheaper to make your own breakfast sandwiches? ›

We spent $15.20, which allowed us to make 20 breakfast sandwiches. Honestly, I was surprised that the homemade versions cost $0.36 less per sandwich than the prepackaged versions. I assumed they would cost less, but I thought it would be just a few cents less.

How long can you keep a breakfast sandwich in the fridge? ›

Leftover Storage: Store leftover breakfast sandwiches in the fridge for up to 4 days, or wrapped in the freezer for up to 3 months. When ready to re-warm heat in the microwave on the defrost setting for 3-5 minutes if frozen, or 30-60 seconds if out of of the fridge.

Why do croissants spark in the microwave? ›

It's something past research has shown happens because the inside gets heated first, causing a buildup of steam. When all that pressure needs to escape, it does—with a boom.

Do you put egg wash on croissants? ›

Egg wash is used in puff pastry, croissants, apple pie, and other baked goods to create an appetizing golden color. 2. It's also great for sealing the edges of empanadas or other types of hand pies, ensuring the filling doesn't spill out during baking or frying.

Is a bacon egg and cheese croissant healthy? ›

A 4.5-ounce bacon and egg croissant sandwich contains 15 grams of saturated fat, or 60 percent of the maximum amount healthy adults should have in a day. The sandwich has 215 milligrams of cholesterol, or 72 percent of the daily value.

What should you do with the sandwich prepared in advance? ›

Wrap it up:

To seal in all the flavor and keep the sandwich together, wrap the sandwich tightly in plastic wrap before refrigerating. The bread will soften slightly overnight, but the crusty exterior will keep everything contained when you're ready to unwrap and eat.

Can you make a breakfast sandwich the night before? ›

These breakfast sandwiches can easily be made ahead of time and reheated during the week! The best way to freeze them is to wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap (make sure they are cool before doing this!) and then store in a large freezer bag. I used this one! Once you've done that, you can place them in the freezer.

How do you make a sandwich not soggy in the microwave? ›

To prevent the bottom slice of bread from becoming soggy, place the sandwich on a microwave trivet so the steam can escape through the bottom. Or wrap the sandwich loosely in paper towels, which will absorb some of the moisture.

Can you put aluminum foil in an air fryer? ›

It is absolutely safe to use aluminum foil in your air fryer. In fact, it can make cooking with the air fryer easier.

Can you air fry eggs? ›

Preheat a 3.5-quart air fryer to 270 degrees F. Add the eggs to the fryer basket and cook 15 minutes for hard-boiled eggs. Remove the eggs and plunge them into an ice bath. Peel when cool enough to handle.

Can air fryers toast? ›

Many people wonder can you toast bread in an air fryer. The answer is yes, you can! Toasting bread in the air fryer is a quick and easy way to make a healthy snack or breakfast. The air fryer has become a popular appliance in recent years as it cooks food quickly by circulating hot air around it.

What happens if you microwave a sandwich with mayo? ›

Microwaving mayonnaise is not dangerous. It might split, and you have to be careful not to overheat the oil. But it is safe to do. It's not the mayonnaise or the heat that causes salmonella, it's the bacteria.

Should I microwave my sandwich? ›

Reheating a cold sandwich in the microwave is the quickest way to get the job done. Microwave reheating only takes a few seconds, and you're good to go! But you have to follow the steps below because you might end up with a soggy sandwich. Reheating sandwiches in your trusty microwave may also leave the bread dry.

Why are there no Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches? ›

Jimmy Dean® is voluntarily recalling a partial production run of its Jimmy Dean French Toast & Sausage Sandwich as a precautionary measure because the product may contain the undeclared allergens egg and soy, not listed on the label.

What do Italians eat for breakfast? ›

Breakfast in Italy: what to expect

Homemade breakfast in Italy is usually a straightforward affair. Traditional breakfast drinks in Italian households are coffee, tea and cocoa milk for the kids and the main breakfast foods are bread with butter and jam, biscuits and cereals.

What is the most eaten dinner in America? ›

Winner winner, chicken dinner. But there's not just one way to cook it…. The United States covers some 3.8 million square miles. Turns out our taste in food ranges far and wide, too.

What is Oprah's favorite breakfast? ›

Oprah Winfrey turned up the heat on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night with her "sexy breakfast." The media mogul got an assist from Colbert in whipping up one of her favorite breakfast recipes — scrambled eggs with hot salsa and avocado — from her new cookbook, Food, Health and Happiness.

What is the number 1 most eaten food in the world? ›

Rice is a food staple for more than 3.5 billion people around the world, particularly in Asia, Latin America, and parts of Africa.

What is the most satisfying food on the planet? ›

Boiled potatoes are very filling and scored the highest of all the foods on the satiety index.

What is the Queen's favorite sandwich? ›

He then went on to reveal the complete recipe for the Queen's favourite 'Jam Pennies' sandwiches. And it is as simple as you can imagine it to be. “Just bread with jam and a little butter, usually strawberry jam. We'd make the jam at Balmoral castle, the gorgeous Scottish strawberries from the gardens.

What is the least popular sandwich? ›

But apparently, all you need to do is basically add a delicious, juicy slice of tomato and you get our least favorite sandwich: the tomato and cheese, at least according to a new YouGov sandwich survey.

What is America's #1 sandwich? ›

America's top sandwich is the grilled cheese, according to the results of a YouGov survey that asked a representative sample of 1,223 people to weigh in on their top sandwich choice.

How do you heat up egg bites at Costco? ›

You can reheat frozen egg bites in the oven at 345 degrees F for 3 to 5 minutes or until they heat through.

How do you heat up a Costco chicken sandwich? ›

The chicken melts from Costco and will be ready in 1 minute in the microwave. The time varies based on whether you are cooking them in the oven or the air fryer. If you are cooking in the oven, it will take about 5 minutes at 350°F, and if you are cooking in the air fryer, it will take about 2-3 minutes.

How do you cook frozen egg bites at Costco? ›

  1. Place desired amount of pieces on a microwave safe plate.
  2. For 1 piece, heat on HIGH for 1.5 minutes; for 2 pieces, heat for 2.5 minutes.
  3. Let stand for 1 minute before serving.

Are Costco egg bites the same as Starbucks? ›

You get the same fluffy airiness of the egg bites in the Three Bridges version as is in Starbucks', however, the store-bought ones tastes a bit stronger in terms of cheese flavor. The two do use different cheeses (with Three Bridges opting for cheddar instead of gruyere), which could explain that difference.

How long do Costco egg bites last in the fridge? ›

Store your Costco egg bites leftovers in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 4-5 days. Reheat in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Are the egg bites from Costco healthy? ›

Here are the nutrition facts: Each serving (the entire pack) has 20 grams of protein (wow), just 1 gram of sugar and 2 grams of carbohydrates (also wow). Each serving also has 24 grams of saturated fat, which is key for sustaining keto dieters but can sound alarming to others.

How do you reheat Costco chicken without drying it out? ›

Remove the rotisserie chicken from the packaging and place it in an oven-safe dish. To keep the chicken moist, pour a cup of chicken broth into the bottom of the dish. Cover the dish with tin foil and place it in the oven. Let the chicken roast for approximately 25 minutes.

How long do you microwave Costco chicken sandwich? ›

Here are the microwave cooking instructions for this chicken sandwiches: put one unopened sandwich pouch, printed side down, in a microwave. Microwave on High for 45 to 55 seconds. Flip the pouch over and heat on High for another 35 to 45 seconds.

How do you heat up a sandwich without it getting soggy? ›

The best way to reheat a sandwich while keeping it juicy and crispy is by using aluminum foil and setting the oven, microwave, and toaster oven at the right time and temperature. Wrapping a sandwich in aluminum foil heats it evenly and prevents the bread from drying out.

Why are my egg bites rubbery? ›

If your egg bites are rubbery, then they were probably left in the oven for too long. You'll only want to bake them for around 3 minutes or until the eggs fluff up and the cheese melts. If you bake for too long, the eggs will dry out and have a rubbery texture.

How do you air Fry Costco egg rolls? ›

Place the frozen egg rolls in a single layer in the bottom of the air fryer basket. Air Fry Egg Rolls at 360 degrees Fahrenheit for 7-10 minutes, or until cooked fully and the egg rolls golden brown. Carefully remove from the basket of the air fryer and serve with your favorite dipping sauce, fried rice, and more.

Do you eat egg bites warm or cold? ›

Can you eat egg bites cold? Yes, egg bites can be eaten cold, and they are just as delicious! These little bites are packed with nutrition and will give you the energy you need to power through your day. If you're in a hurry and don't have time to heat them up, simply grab one or two from the fridge and enjoy.

Can you put bacon and paper towel in the microwave? ›

Step 1Line a microwave-safe plate with 3 layers of paper towels. Place bacon on top, without overlapping. Cover with another 2 layers of paper towels. Step 2Microwave on high for 4 to 6 minutes for crispy bacon.

How do I make crispy biscuits in microwave? ›

The best way to make biscuits and cookies crispy again is to reheat them in a microwave for at least four minutes. Don't take them out immediately, keep them in the oven for another 2-3 minutes and then take them out. Let it cool at room temperature and then store them in an airtight container.


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