99papers Review ⚠️ Is it Legit & Safe or Scam? (2023)


This writing service has already gained a good reputation and regular clients, but it doesn`t mean that over the years, it hasn`t changed. There are many positive 99papers.com reviews on the web, but at the same time, there are also many negative feedbacks left on such websites as Reddit, Quora, TrustPilot, and SiteJabber. To check which ones are true and which are fake, I decided to create my own 99papers review based on personal experience and check prices, guarantees, and quality myself. I hope it will help you decide whether you want to deal with this company or better stay away from it. So 99 papers is a writing service that was created almost seven years ago. Smart Content LLC owns the brand. It is an American company headquartered in Chicago.


User-friendly website;

Good online reputation.

99PAPERS Website & App Usability

In general, the visual part of this website looks good. I stand in solidarity with those who create 99papers.com paper writing reviews. The mobile version of the site works well. At the same time, these guys decided not to build a mobile app. This fact is an obvious disadvantage.

List of Services Provided

The company provides a standard list of academic services. Here are the papers you can order from here.

  • Article review;
  • research paper;
  • essay;
  • lab reports, etc.

In general, I did not find anything extraordinary. Most reviews of 99papers.com also note this fact.


My 99papers review is mainly based on my personal impression and experience, and this is how my opinion was formed. I placed an order for a a college book report (four pages and four days of the deadline, which I thought was enough). The writer was supposed to analyze Michelle Obama's The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times. I attached detailed instructions and asked the expert to focus on the psychological advice the former first lady gave readers. First, I received my paper three hours later than the set deadline. The paper was not well-structured and had APA format instead of MLA. But that were not all the issues. The paper contained a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as typos, which were hard to ignore. It seemed like the writer was a non-native English speaker based on what words he/she used.

The greatest surprise for me, in addition to all these problems, was plagiarism found in the paper. All this made me request a revision at once, but they never provided me with a plagiarism report asking for extra money. Is 99papers scam? No, but this was a really terrible experience. That is why you should read the reviews on 99papers.com before ordering anything from this website.

99Papers Writers

You can choose between standard and top writers. You will have to pay $8 per page in the second case. You will have to pay $9 per page if you need an ENL writer. However, I'm not sure that these guys hire professional writers.

99Papers Plagiarism

Given the low quality of all the so-called 99papers.com writing features, I'm surprised my paper was original. But this fact does not affect the quality of the work of the so-called experts.

99Papers Features

If you want to take advantage of additional features, you can get a plagiarism report, a copy of sources, a 1-page summary, or a priority report. In general, this is a standard set of services that once again confirms the low 99papers.com rating. But let's move on to the next fact.


Popular Service

Shortest deadline/Price

High-Scool Essay

3 hours/ $9.95 per page

College Coursework

3 hours/ $12.80 per page

College research paper

3 hours/ from $15.90 per page

University term paper

3 hours/ from $22.30 per page

PhD case study

3 hours/ from $27.20 per page

In a separate section on the website, you can find a convenient chart with prices based on the academic level and deadlines. The prices are average compared to other companies ($10 for a high school essay with a deadline of 15+ days), and you can also get a 15% reward with bonuses that can be later used to pay for your orders. If your order is over $600, you can apply for installment payments, and I think it is very convenient. I didn`t find any welcoming discounts or bonuses that such companies usually provide to attract customers, though.

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99Papers Promo Codes & Discounts

Newcomers can expect up to a 15% discount. In addition, new users can activate a free plagiarism report. However, even such bonuses won't make my 99papers.com review because of the paper quality.

99Papers Login & Paper Ordering Procedure

You will unlikely be surprised by the procedure for registering and ordering papers.

  1. Open website.
  2. Click on the "Order" button.
  3. Specify all parameters and attach instructions.
  4. Pay for your paper and wait.

Now let's move on to financial matters.

Payment Options

As a new customer, you will probably want to know more about how you can pay for your order. Students can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal to pay for academic services.

Social Media

I found the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages of this company. They look standard if you do not consider the small number of subscribers. Unfortunately, the company devotes little time to SMM activities, which is a bad decision.


Is 99papers reliable? The service provides standard guarantees like 100% moneyback in case of double payments or canceling the order and partial refunds in specific cases (based on the stage the writer has been when you decided to cancel your order). The company provides free unlimited refunds and also a detailed privacy policy to make sure the customers are safe. Is 99papers legit? I didn`t find any information about the place of registration or physical address, so there is no proof that it`s legit.


The company has quite a positive online reputation: you can find many 99papers.com Reddit reviews as well as good ratings on such resources as TrustPilot and SiteJabber. On the website, there are no traditional fake testimonials but the most praising feedbacks synchronized with these platforms. However, the service is not perfect, and there are also a number of negative reviews complaining about the quality of essays and the level of customer support. There is a negative 99papers review Reddit provides as well as a number of negative feedbacks on Quora.

99papers Review ⚠️ Is it Legit & Safe or Scam? (2)


First of all, many 99papers reviews state that the service doesn`t have physical address and data about its registration, and it`s true: I didn`t find this information either. It makes me doubt whether the service is legit. On the website, you can find a phone number, email address, and live chat to get in touch. However, there is also a notice that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the phone number is unavailable to provide the safety of support specialists. For me, it`s not quite understandable because working remotely on the phone, there is no risk of getting infected.

The inability to connect via phone number in case of any urgent questions is really a disadvantage. I sent emails and messaged customer support in a live chat, but I would rather call it a dead chat. Nobody answered my messages, and I just received notifications to my email address that the order was placed, assigned, and delivered. For me, this situation is unacceptable. I do not understand why the company's management is not interested in attracting new customers. Support agents should be the face of the company!

99papers Review ⚠️ Is it Legit & Safe or Scam? (3)


Summing up my 99papers review, I can state that even though the service has a good online reputation, it still lacks good specialists and level of customer service. The quality of papers is terrible, deadlines are missed, customer support doesn`t answer, and there is no chance to see a plagiarism report for free. I would recommend these guys fix these issues until their rating has fallen down.


Is 99papers scam? No, but the level of their service is quite low.
Is 99papers legit? There is no information about the place of registration.
Is 99papers reliable? No, they delivered a paper full of mistakes and didn`t meet my requirements.
Is 99papers safe? Yes, they have McAfee Security, safe payment processing, and detailed privacy policy.
Is 99papers.com cheap? Yes. This writing service is cheap.
Is 99papers.com fraud? No. It's just a company that fails to provide good writing services.
Is 99papers.com cheating? I do not think so. These guys are amateurs, not cheaters.
Is 99papers.com legal? Yes, it is a legal company registered in America.
Is 99papers.com confidential? I cannot confirm or deny this information, as the company does not regulate the privacy policy in any way.
Is 99papers.com safe? No. I don't think it's the safest writing service out there.
Is 99papers.com good? No. You better find an alternative beforehand.
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